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“This law sends a message to survivors of felony child sex crimes that it is not too late to come forward,” said Polly Poskin, executive director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, in a statement.

“A lot of women said it sets an unrealistic standard when they see Beyoncé in a magazine and she looks fantastic,” said researcher Toni Liechty. “If those are the images you’re seeing, you think that it’s common.”

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Illinois will become the first state to ban the use of elephants in circuses and other traveling exhibitions, putting an official end to a practice that animal rights activists have been protesting for decades.

New Illinois law helps protect pre-K students from expulsion

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Illinois parents faced with the expulsion of a preschool-age child are often put in a difficult situation, but a new state law seeks to end that practice and get schools thinking about alternative solutions.

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The city of Chicago will need to come up with an additional $269 million to help Chicago Public Schools make it through the year, according to the schools’ new budget. Where will this additional city money come from?

Watch the Aug. 14, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

The violent confrontation between white supremacists groups and protesters has sparked nationwide outrage and condemnation. How some local politicians are responding.

A day after the Illinois Senate killed his vision for a new method of funding Illinois schools, Gov. Bruce Rauner kept up hopes that legislators will come around to his way of thinking.