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A staff shakeup in the Rauner administration. Big layoffs predicted after Cook County’s soda tax is blocked in court. New owners at the Chicago Sun-Times. Big changes ahead for Lake Shore Drive. And in sports, a major crosstown trade.

We raise a glass to one of the first female architects in the U.S. with a rum-based sipper that creates beauty from the sour, the bitter and the strange.

(Lincoln Park Zoo)

Visitors can expect snow flurries on their next trip to the zoo, even in the middle of summer. Four snowy owl chicks hatched last month are already flapping their wings and will soon attempt to fly. 

Medical professionals learn how to use the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection kit, which has several packets to collect evidence from a suspect and a patient of a sexual assault case. (Sgt. Rebecca Linder / Wikimedia Commons)

Law enforcement agencies have a new set of guidelines for responding to reports of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

(Jason Gillman / Pixabay)

Elevated lead levels have been found in hundreds of water fixtures in Illinois’ second largest public school district following an initial round of testing earlier this year.

In a letter sent Friday to principals, CPS officials admit the budget distribution process is taking place “later than anyone can remember.” They put blame for the setback on Gov. Bruce Rauner.