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Still image from 1947 film footage of St. Paul’s Church by-the-Lake uncovered by Jeff Nichols.

After finding the first known moving images of the 1915 Eastland disaster, a UIC graduate student uncovers a treasure trove of vintage films about a neighborhood church and its congregants.

A new book and a Chicago-area survivor recall the infamous internment of Japanese-Americans that took place 75 years ago.

A silver carp was captured Thursday in the Illinois Waterway below the T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam, about 9 miles from Lake Michigan. (Courtesy of Illinois Department of Natural Resources)

An 8-pound Asian carp was discovered last week beyond an electric barrier designed to prevent the invasive fish from reaching Lake Michigan. 

Empty yogurt cartons, peanut butter jars and pizza boxes: How clean do they need to be in order to toss them in your recycling bin? Chicago’s recycling staff has answers.

While it remains to be seen whether legislators will pass a budget by July 1, here are five local and state laws that go into effect on that date.

BraveCamp participants at work on a project. (Courtesy of Brave Initiatives)

There are plenty of coding classes for teens and young adults in Chicago, and most of them aren’t cheap. But one local nonprofit is shaking up the landscape by offering coding classes to young women—for free.

Organic gardener Jeanne Nolan explains how to keep your gardening soil productive and shares tips for succession planting. 

Since 1981, FitzGerald’s in Berwyn has played host to an array of talent as part of its American Music Festival. Meet the club’s owner and a Bay Area singer-songwriter performing at the fest this weekend.

Will the mayor cave to pressure to get independent oversight of the Chicago Police Department?

Watch the June 29, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Soda fans will find out Friday whether or not they'll start paying more for their sweetened beverages in Cook County this weekend.

Two days before a Springfield special legislative session is scheduled to end, Illinois Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno announced she will resign Saturday.