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A plan to develop affordable housing units under the same roof as public libraries moved forward Wednesday, when Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the winning architects and developers for each of the three projects.

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A new housing report offers a bleak look at the cost of renting an apartment in Illinois for those earning minimum wage.

During Thursday’s hearing, the former FBI Director said his rationale for documenting conversations with President Donald Trump was due to a fear that Trump “might lie about the nature of [their] meeting.”

How do the city’s halal restaurants, which serve mostly Muslim customers, hold up during the month of Ramadan? We explore the traditions of two West Ridge destinations.

A new study finds that as school effectiveness and achievement levels rise in Chicago, the opposite is occurring downstate, where low-income enrollment is increasing.

An extensive Chicago Tribune investigation claims the county’s property tax system favors the rich over the poor. The Tribune reporter and a representative from the Cook County Assessor’s Office join us in discussion.

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