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Dearborn Denim and Apparel (Chicago Tonight)

We visit a small company in Garfield Park that is hoping to revive the Chicago apparel industry with a combination of American materials and immigrant know-how. 

(Steve Johnson / Flickr)

A new report shows that in 2015, Illinois ranked among the five worst states in terms of largest populations served by water systems with health violations. 

Since about 1915, a 7-foot-tall stone man has been shouldering a heavy burden on the corner of a Southeast Side building — more than hundred years without a break! But there’s some debate as to exactly who he is.

(Courtesy of Canadian Obesity Network)

Feasting while dieting may sound counterintuitive, but a new study found that dieters who alternated between feasting and fasting lost as much weight as those who cut calories. 

(Forest Preserve District of DuPage County)

A west suburban forest preserve is dispatching an army of freshwater mussels to clean up contaminated waters. “They may be small, but they have enormous beneficial effects on the lives of other organisms,” said one staff member.

(Courtesy of the Obama Foundation)

The first conceptual designs for the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park have been revealed. Take a peek at the renderings.

(Ken Lund / Flickr)

What does the future hold for Helmut Jahn’s 16-story Loop office building?

Grueneberg’s love for Italian food and pasta-making stems from her experience as line cook and, later, executive chef at Spiaggia Restaurant. (Credit: Galdones Photography)

James Beard Award winner Sarah Grueneberg dishes on her newly minted best chef prize. 

Eugenia Cheng

If you’re not a fan of math, Eugenia Cheng is on a mission to change your point of view. 

Watch the May 3, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

A candidate for Illinois governor gets an early boost from one of Democrats’ traditional allies.