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Juan Rivera (© Northwestern Pritzker School of Law)

A new book tells the stories of people wrongfully convicted of a crime – and how they came to be released.

Malcolm X College door painting by Eugene Eda Wade. (Photo by Lee Bey)

Two shows at the Chicago Cultural Center open doors to a local arts movement from 50 years ago.

Actor David Schwimmer talks television, movies and the new play he brought to Lookingglass Theatre.

They’re fast, they’re precise and in some cases they’re even ... cute. We visit the trade show Automate to get a look at the latest in robotics.

(Courtesy of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools)

Dozens of charter school advocates and parents gathered outside Will Guzzardi’s Logan Square office Wednesday to protest a bill from the state representative that would limit charter growth in financially struggling Illinois school districts.

Evan Haase, “Old Glory,” 2015. (Courtesy of the Jackson Junge Gallery)

Curators of a new show at the Jackson Junge Gallery wanted to highlight political issues without taking sides. “I didn’t want it to be a political, Trump-bashing show,” said Chris Jackson, the gallery’s owner and director. 

The prospects for police reform without a consent decree from the Justice Department. 

Watch the April 5, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

The Chicago Teachers Union will not hold a May Day strike, but group leadership is planning a “proportional” response to whatever cuts are made to the end of this school year by Chicago Public Schools.