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Deep sleep is vital to memory and decreases with age. Playing pink noise – described as a waterfall-like sound – in sync with a person’s brain waves was found to enhance deep sleep and sleep-dependent memory retention in older adults, according to a new Northwestern study.

Pete Marra appears on Chicago Tonight with host Phil Ponce on Feb. 1.

Last month, ornithologist Pete Marra sat down with Chicago Tonight to discuss his book detailing outdoor cats’ impact on U.S. bird populations. It was an interview that stirred up emotions on all sides. 

A still image from the documentary “Life, Animated.”

Cornelia Suskind tell us about her son Owen, the subject of a new documentary film.

(Chicago Tonight)

A union spokesman confirmed the union’s 800-member House of Delegates will begin discussions Wednesday over a “possible May 1 action.” No strike vote has yet been scheduled.

The Founding Father who became the subject of one of the most popular Broadway musicals in a generation is also the subject of a history lesson in Chicago Public Schools.

When Plácido Domingo takes the stage at Lyric Opera of Chicago this week, he will be reaching new pinnacles in a career that is already astonishing for its accomplishments and longevity. 

The Chicago Bears look to rebound from their miserable 3-13 season when the free agent signing period starts Thursday. And multiple reports say the Bears are all but certain to sign a new quarterback.

Watch the March 8, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner accuses Democrats of being behind a coordinated effort to shut down state government.