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Chicago Department of Public Health commissioner Dr. Julie Morita and UIC School of Public Health Dean Dr. Paul Brandt-Rauf sign an agreement formalizing the yearslong partnership between the two organizations. (UIC School of Public Health)

Wednesday morning officials from the Chicago Department of Public Health and UIC signed an agreement to strengthen and formalize their yearslong partnership. 

The decadeslong fight to clean up the Chicago River took a step forward last week with the resolution of two lawsuits targeting phosphorous discharge that has polluted waters from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico.

Geoffrey Baer solves the mystery of a viewer’s “vague memory” from the 1940s, revisits an exhibit at the Century of Progress and opens the door to the Evanston History Center.

Author Michael Eric Dyson on the challenges faced by black Americans, and why it’s up to whites to address racial inequality.

The governor strikes a conciliatory tone in his State of State address. We get reaction from public policy professionals with different points of view.

(Chicago Tonight)

Board President Frank Clark said Wednesday that CPS has worked out a way to fill a $215 million void left in its 2017 budget. But the district says no final decisions have been made.

(Justin Hobson / Wikimedia Commons)

The increasing frequency of tornadoes, and a new study on gun violence. Those stories more from the world of science with Rabiah Mayas.

Watch the Jan. 25, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city that harbors undocumented immigrants is on thin ice, but the mayor and other city leaders say they aren’t backing down.

Gov. Bruce Rauner largely bypassed Illinois’ myriad troubles and instead spent much of his speech Wednesday listing his administration’s achievements and calling for cooperation.