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(J.B. Spector / Museum of Science and Industry)

A new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry invites visitors to sail though time and explore the evolution of ship design. 

Pictured are E. coli bacteria, one of the many species of bacteria present in the human gut.

Inside the human body lives a community of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi known as the microbiome. Local professors talk about the importance of understanding the microbiome and the potential implications it could have on health and disease.

Al Capone in 1930. (Courtesy “Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend”)

The continuing fascination with gangster Al Capone. We speak to the author of a new book that looks at the private life of the notorious criminal.

Students at some Chicago Public Schools are getting their hands dirty while feeding their minds.

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday the former WTTW Chairman and 20 others will receive the nation’s highest civilian honor at a ceremony later this month.

(Chicago Tonight)

Members of the General Assembly’s Education Committee sounded supportive Wednesday of a bill that would convert Chicago’s appointed Board of Education into an elected body, but Republicans and Democrats alike cautioned that more work is needed before the legislation is ready for a vote.

Light up your weekend at the “Illumination” show starting Friday. (Courtesy of the Morton Arboretum)

Holiday lights, a giant mouse, punk rock and a comedy legend usher in the weekend. Here are 10 things to do in and around Chicago.

The city estimates about five million people attended the Nov. 4 rally and parade. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The Cubs rally brought throngs of fans to Grant Park. But was it really the biggest gathering ever in Chicago? Geoffrey Baer counts heads in this week’s Ask Geoffrey.

Donald Trump was elected barely a week ago and there are already reports of shake-ups and signs of disarray within his transition team.

Legislative leaders meet on the budget while the Illinois Senate overrides the governor’s veto of the motor voter registration bill. Amanda Vinicky has details from Springfield.

Watch the Nov. 16, 2016 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

The $8.2 billion spending plan doesn’t contain nearly as much pain for city taxpayers as last year’s budget, but grocery shopping could get a bit more expensive.