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(Don Harder / Flickr)

A new study suggests states could improve student achievement and boost graduation rates by cutting down the number of students missing 15 or more days per school year.

Francis Guinan performs in the Goodman Theatre’s “The Magic Play.” (Liz Lauren / Goodman Theatre)

Illusions of grandeur take center stage at two Chicago shows and may make you question reality. See what tricks two local theaters have up their sleeves.

A federal grand jury issued a 24-count indictment Thursday charging former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock with several counts of wire fraud and theft of government funds, among other charges.

It once seemed unthinkable: President Obama and President-elect Trump met at the White House for the first time Thursday. A closer look at the meeting, and what's ahead for Democrats and Republicans.

On Friday in Chicago, Orbert Davis presents the world premiere of a composition by one of his young Cuban protégés.

Photo by Mike Zarnek: Supermoon. Taken from Glenview on Sunday 11/13/2016

November’s full moon will be no ordinary sight. From Sunday evening through early morning on Tuesday, stargazers will be treated to a radiant lunar spectacle that hasn’t occurred to this degree since 1948.

Watch the Nov. 10, 2016 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

The ordinance passed by a slim 9-8 vote, with Board President Toni Preckwinkle casting the deciding vote.

The newest resident of the Lincoln Park Zoo weighs 1,000 pounds and stands 9 feet tall. Meet Siku, a 6-year-old polar bear.

Japanese irezumi by Horiyoshi (© Martin Hladik / Courtesy of The Field Museum)

The Field Museum has a new look at tattooing – an age-old tradition that is as popular now as it was millennia ago.

What will the new world order look like under Donald Trump? Looking at the president-elect and his foreign policy promises.