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Species Relative of Great White, Megalodon Sharks

A newly identified species of shark, Megalolamna paradoxodon, lived about 20 million years ago and measured roughly 13 feet in length. (Kenshu Shimada / DePaul University)

About 20 million years ago, a 13-foot predator swam in warm, shallow seas across the globe. This extinct shark was recently discovered by an international team of researchers led by a DePaul University professor.

An alderman’s plans for extending the 606 bike trail got viewers talking. Hear what they had to say when we read feedback from the Chicago Tonight website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Donald Trump refuses to say he whether he will accept the results of the election. PBS “NewsHour” correspondent Lisa Desjardins joins us with the latest news from a contentious campaign.

From service dogs to household companions, a new book looks inside the complex world of a dog’s nose.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel leads a tour of a new section of the Chicago Riverwalk, which will be open to the public Saturday. (Courtesy City of Chicago)

The completion of the three-block stretch marks the end of construction on the 1.25-mile promenade, providing pedestrian and bike access along the south bank of the river.

Artist and activist Yoko Ono visits Chicago and provides Jackson Park with a new public sculpture that’s being called “a landmark for peace.”

Nearly half of 911 dispatchers are taking sick leave on a day-to-day basis. We examine why that's happening and how much it may be costing taxpayers in overtime costs.

The candidates for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk square off and talk integrity, amnesty and modernization in our first candidate forum.

Watch the Oct. 20, 2016 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

For many young men inside the Cook County Jail, violence on the streets is a daily reality. But a new program based at the jail aims to change that reality.