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A costly deal averts a teachers strike. The mayor paints a rosy picture of city finances, but the county budget is grim. Donald Trump threatens to sue the New York Times. And the Cubs advance to the NLCS. Those stories and more with Joel Weisman and guests.

Discovery Results in Creation of 2 New Genera

The jawbone of a newly reclassified beardog fossil (Field Museum specimen no. PM423), left, is shown in comparison with the jawbone of a larger beardog (specimen No. P12029) that lived approximately 22 million years later. (© Susumu Tomiya / The Field Museum)

Thanks to an inquisitive Field Museum researcher, a nearly 40-million-year-old fossil housed at the institution has been identified as one of the earliest relatives of dogs, bears and foxes known as a beardog. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced on Wednesday a new program that will provide city municipal photo ID cards to Chicago residents.