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Did a used-car salesman design and build his sleek and sporty luxury car right here in Chicago? Geoffrey Baer has that story and more.

A Guam kingfisher at Lincoln Park Zoo. This type of bird now only exists in captivity. (Heather Paul / Flickr)

In the mid-1980s, the Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo set up critical captive breeding populations of two bird species native to the Pacific Islands. A new report from the Center for Biological Diversity underscores the impact of such programs.

The former Illinois governor is back in the spotlight and campaigning, but not for a political office – or so he says.

On the South Side of Chicago some local entrepreneurs are repurposing an old meatpacking plant in an effort to create something very unusual – a way of doing business that creates no trash.

Watch the July 6, 2016 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

(Roman Boed / Flickr)

Proposed legislation could open the door to more invasive species in the Great Lakes, say environmentalists. But shippers say it puts a patchwork quilt of conflicting regulations under one federal agency that allows them to do business while still keeping invasive species out.

Indian stepwells (Courtesy Victoria Lautman)

Arts journalist Victoria Lautman shares the mystery and beauty of India's stepwells, stunning architectural structures hundreds of years old that can be up to 10 stories deep.

The mayor and aldermen have made it clear they are going to abolish the Independent Police Review Authority. But what will it be replaced with?