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High hopes in the search to reverse or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. We'll tell you about two important medical studies being conducted in Chicago.

Geoffrey Baer tracks down answers for three questions about Chicago's bygone streetcar heyday. 

Two years ago, amateur photographer Josh Feeney spotted a nest of owls within a Cook County forest preserve. Since then, he's returned to the site to check on the rare species and recently found evidence of successful breeding.

An Elgin company hopes robots will be the future of the fast-food industry. Will online beer sales be the next frontier for e-commerce? Crain’s Chicago Business managing editor Ann Dwyer brings us these stories and more.

A bill to increase utility rates to bail out failing nuclear plants in Illinois failed Tuesday in Springfield. But will the plants now close? "Chicago Tonight" has exclusive new information.

A debate is brewing over the Chicago Police Department's use of an algorithm they say identifies people who are most likely to shoot someone or be shot themselves. We hear from all sides.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner blasts Democrats for failing to pass a budget before the end of the spring legislative session. Where does Illinois go from here?

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