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Andrea Martin

Second City legend Andrea Martin joins us to talk about her days on SCTV, her award-winning Broadway work, and her latest touring show.


On the heels of her “Outstanding Pastry Chef” award from the James Beard Foundation, Mindy Segal is reopening her Bucktown restaurant under a new name with a redesigned menu.

Bruce Sherman, Best Chef, Great Lakes

Chicago's Mindy Segal reacts to being named the best pastry chef in the country. We hear from Segal and North Pond's Bruce Sherman about their James Beard awards.


Northwestern's lacrosse coach prepares her team for another run at a national title. We learn what drives Kelly Amonte Hiller.


A chips ad featuring Ashton Kutcher in brownface imitating an Indian backfires. We look at the controversy, and what it may say about race in America.


One day after President Obama's public support of gay marriage, we assess the political landscape and look at how the issue may affect the November elections.


We look back at President Barack Obama's appearances on Chicago Tonight from 2000 to 2005.

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The Illinois Senate followed the House of Representatives and overwhelmingly approved a plan Thursday to begin charging retired state workers, lawmakers, judges and university workers for their health insurance, according to the Chicago Sun-Times

NATO protesters are meeting with NATO summit representatives on May 17 for an unprecedented one-hour public debate, according to protester Andy Thayer, organizer of The Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8.)