Voters Support an Elected School Board

Voters across Chicago overwhelmingly support an elected school board, according to results of a non-binding referendum that appeared on the ballot Tuesday in 37 of the city’s 50 wards.

The lowest level of support was in the 32nd Ward, with 83.25 percent of votes in favor of an elected board. The highest level came from the 24th Ward, with 93.04 percent of votes in favor.

The measure faces an uphill battle – Mayor Rahm Emanuel opposes the idea, which would require action by the Illinois General Assembly and a signature from Gov. Bruce Rauner. Emanuel’s four mayoral opponents all endorsed the idea of an elected board.

Chicagoans in 37 wards voted on an elected school board referendum. Click on the wards colored purple in the map below to learn the percentage of voters in that ward that voted in favor of an elected school board. Wards where the referendum was not asked will be indicated as such.

Source: Chicago Board of Elections

--Map by Kristen Thometz