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Off To The Races

Carol Marin and four top political reporters look at how accurate the latest polls are, how money is influencing the upcoming elections, and how the races for governor, U.S. Senate, comptroller and some hotly contested congressional seats are shaping up. Chicago Tonight's Paris Schutz, Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times and ABC 7 News, Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Amanda Vinicky of WUIS and Illinois Public Radio discuss that as well as well as next year’s mayoral race with Karen Lewis seriously considering entering the fray against incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Learn more about the gubernatorial race, and view timelines for Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner.




View career timelines for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and potential mayoral challenger Karen Lewis, president of Chicago Teachers Union.




View career timelines for U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Republican challenger Jim Oberweis.